Férfi Kalapok

Európai, Amerikai divat trend hip-hop caps személyiség punk nyelv hímzés baseball sapka férfi nő vad lakás Alkalmi kalapok, kalap

1 284 Ft 1 258 Ft

  • Osztály Neve: Felnőtt
  • Sapka Mérete: Egy Méret
  • A nemek közötti: Unisex
  • Szíj Típus: Állítható
  • Stílus: Alkalmi
  • Modell Száma: Z152
  • Mintázat Típusa: Nyomtatás
  • Elem Típusa: A Baseball Sapkák
  • Anyag: Pamut

  • Author: Lvica2179
  • Date: 2020-10-18
  • Product was Fine / I would have given them 5 stars except they have this new thing where they charge you tax but there not suppose to. First Colorado says they remit no sales tax to them. Second they overcharge the tax rate. Shoud be 4% not 7% in Colorado. Third Im a reseller and pay no tax on items i resell. Plus I buy Thousands of dollars $ off of Ali Express. Its there loss of a star. There is no way to call Aliexpress about it, you Always get an answering machine. And chat you always get a bot to chat with. If it keeps up ill lower my ratings to 3 Stars then 2 stars then 1 Star. If you want to raise the price of an item then raise it and ill decide from there if its worth it. Do not assume I'm stupid and think your fooling me. Now you have a 4 star rating instead of 5 stars on 3 items. So you lost 3 Stars on this order. Now its posted in your feedback. Keep it up and ill lower my rating. DHGate charges me NO Sales Tax
  • 4/5

  • Author: Mikhayloff
  • Date: 2020-09-02
  • la calidad del producto es muy buena, me gusto bastante el acabado de los bordados. pero consideren un empaque más adecuado para a evitar que las viseras lleguen torcidas.
  • 4/5