Cipő, Légfrissítők Vister 3080007 Улыбка радуги ulybka radugi r-ulybka mosoly szivárvány косметика Cipő Tartozékok Tartozék dezodor hab tisztító

260 Ft

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Cipő dezodor vister 120 ml Ország Oroszország Alkalmazás objektum Cipő Folyamat, takarítás, Megszünteti a kellemetlen szagokat Szagtalanító hatás Stílus/Textúra Dezodor Ingyenes szállítás Az otthoni Csomagolás (mlgg) 120 ml


  • Csomagolás (mlgg): 120 ml
  • Ingyenes Szállítás: a haza
  • Megszünteti a kellemetlen szagokat: Szagtalanító hatása
  • Alkalmazás objektum: Cipő
  • Márka Név: VISTER
  • Stílus/Textúra: Dezodor
  • folyamat: a tisztításhoz
  • Ország: Oroszország

  • Author: Vitabu1984
  • Date: 2020-12-02
  • Cool not obsessive aroma of mint perfectly copes with its task...
  • 5/5

  • Author: Kristina19 87
  • Date: 2020-10-31
  • Delivery, goods, packaging, everything is fine as always.
  • 5/5

  • Author: Lakytkina2
  • Date: 2020-09-28
  • Delivery is fast, to the Mail. Nothing leaked, pleasant price and often promotional codes, which gives savings
  • 5/5

  • Author: Gressel 2
  • Date: 2021-01-28
  • Really liked the store, low prices, fast delivery, good discount system, all that I ordered came, nothing spilled. The order is very satisfied. Something in this store took for the first time, and something I constantly use.
  • 5/5

  • Author: Fergusonjacob50
  • Date: 2020-10-23
  • Delivery to the Mail!! The smell is pleasant-menthol and tea tree. Spray without damage, the timing is good. The seller does not recommend-it sends for a long time, and then it's the most from the mail to Peret. I still had 2 bags of powder of 4,5 kg in the box. .. I almost did, pardon, while I told you. Well, with the delivery times of trouble, both from the seller and from the mail. Almost 2 weeks later I received the parcel. And the prices are like in the store.
  • 5/5